Ikumo is surrounded by heaven and earth, mountains and rivers, and deep woods. It is a modern hotel that purifies and reincarnates your mind and body. Stress from your life can be released here. You can feel completely at ease and peace in this natural location where mist rises from the bottom of the mountains and clouds float by.
Etsu no kuni (now known as the Hokuriku region) is dominated by “Mt. Hakusan”, a solitary mountain where it is believed a white Goddess lives. The mountains and rivers around Ikumo were worshipped by ancient people as being irreplaceable. Budhists have worshipped this mountain since Taichojinyuzenji, a monk who propagated Budhism during the Nara era, climbed and started to worship it. Religion is shared between Mt. Haku and Nata temple.

There is another legendary mountain called “Mt. Engyo” in the area which can be connected in a line to Mt. Nata and Mt. Hakusan. Mt. Engyo was where holy men used to perform some religious practices and this was the beginning of Ikumo. Kumonji hall was used for the practice of nature’s wisdom. Kasa no misaki, Mt. Kisoontake and Mt. Fuji are also an extension of this line that connects Mt. Hakusan, Nata temple and Mt. Engyo. All of these sacred places are connected in mysterious ways.


Ikumo 20-13.14, Nata Town, Komatsu City, Ishikawa, 923-0336, Japan Phone number: +81 761 23 0577 (Telephone hours: 9:00~17:00) Parking lot (free): 10 cars